10 Devonshire Square

weWork case study
weWork case study


WeWork is an organisation that specialises in developing and supplying beautiful, shared work spaces with a difference. Over and above the physical office, they design their buildings to offer a real community as well as a place to work. They are unconventional, not afraid to push boundaries and workhard to create innovative workspaces with unique designs and facilities.

WeWork has recently undertaken the refurbishment of 6,290㎡ of commercial office in the City of London, known as 10 Devonshire Square. Working with a rapid design and construction process, decisions had to be made fast using materials that could work with their timescale.

Part of the project involved the supplyof heating and cooling to the occupants of the co-working space, and WeWork approached Artus for their expertise in this field.

Key drivers for WeWork were time, space and aesthetic. They required an air conditioning system that provided excellent thermal comfort and also integrated seamlessly with the building aesthetic. They also wanted a solution that could be easily installed and maintained with minimal disruption to office users.

Having reviewed and rejected more typical solutions, WeWork turned to Artus. After a detailed consultation, Artus was chosen as the new WeWork system.

weWork case study


  • An innovative hybrid solution with the flexibility of a fan coil unit and potentially the low energy consumption of a chilled beam.
  • Perfect, even heating and cooling.
  • Beautifully simple, award-winning design that integrates seamlessly with space.
  • Self sufficient air conditioning units with integrated control valves.
  • Plug and play installation.
  • Self access – no requirement for separate access panels or removable ceilings.
  • Quiet operation.
  • Lower operational costs
  • Option of integrated or exposed units, to work with the environment aesthetics.

Artus in more detail


The initial proposal for air conditioning at WeWork’s 10 Devonshire Square project was a standard fan coil unit, but this system didn’t meet all their requirements and was proving to be expensive, both in terms of installation and energy costs. WeWork looked around for alternatives and invited Artus to work with them, to assess their requirements. Artus made a detailed and bespoke recommendation, taking into account the speed of the install along with the design and cost factors.

The new Artus unit moves away from a typical fan coil unit. A unique product that works well in the smallest and most awkward of spaces, fitting neatly into the ceiling space, concealed or exposed, and has the advantage of a ‘plug and play’ installation.

With no secondary ductwork or diffusers and integrated control valves, installation is simplified and on-site labour requirements are significantly reduced. Looking beyond

install, Artus is a ‘self-access’ unit; the fascia is hinged and can simplybe opened for cleaning and maintenance purposes, meaning no requirement for access panels and minimum inconvenience to the office space occupants.

weWork case study
Artus is a quiet, low energy, self contained unit that gives perfect, even heating and cooling distribution. Aesthetically pleasing, it works well within the building as an exposed unit. This, combined with competitive capital and running costs, made it the perfect option for WeWork’s project. A total of 324 Artus units were installed in 10 Devonshire Square, offering an industrial looking heating and cooling system, that offers a near bespoke service to its users.

Selected Rewards

  • M&S Big Innovation Pitch, winner
  • RAC Cooling awards, winner
  • CIBSE Yorkshire awards, winner
  • IET innovation awards, highly commended.
  • CIBSE Building Performance awards, shortlisted
weWork case study

“The installation of the Artus units at
10 Devonshire Square has really enhanced the building. A reduced visual impact compared to conventional fan coil units celebrates the industrial aesthetic whilst the granularity and localised zone control serves to improve WeWork’s member comfort and future flexibility.”

Ross Milner,
WeWork Head of Engineering for UK & Ireland.

Key Facts

  • Water temps = 6/13 C
  • Noise Rating = 35
  • SFP = 0.08 W/l/s
  • Cooling (total) = 2.25kW
  • Spacing = 1 unit / 19 m2