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Low Carbon

Low Carbon

Low Energy



Easy Installation


Easy Maintenance

Low Cost air conditioning

Low cost

Compete Air Conditioning Unit

Packaged unit

Low Noise Air Conditioning Unit

Low noise

Space Saving Air Conditioning Unit

Space saving

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Low Carbon
Low Energy
Ultimate Comfort air conditioning
Exceptional Performance
Easy Installation
easy maintenance
Low Cost
Packaged Unit
Low Noise
Space Saving

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Significant Cost Savings

Capital cost

For Capital Cost, Artus is either cost neutral or lower cost than comparable systems on the market. This has been repeatedly confirmed by independent cost consultants.

As a packaged unit, Artus includes the functionality of five components in one box. With other systems these are added as extras. The graph below illustrates this.

Artus - Low Cost

When the extra cost of the added components are properly assessed and accounted for, Artus has a lower cost than comparable systems.

Installation cost savings

Feedback from installers confirm significant time savings for Artus. “Artus takes half an hour versus a day for a Fan Coil Unit.” This should be included in the overall cost assessment.

Operational cost savings

Artus can achieve 63% reduction in air conditioning energy and a 21% reduction in regulated energy. These savings can then be directly related to savings in energy bills.


Low maintenance costs are achieved due to all components’ high quality and durability. Artus has been designed and built to last.

Routine maintenance is also easy and quick to undertake as it is ‘self-access’, removing the need for ceiling access.