Pioneering Artus features include

Low Carbon

Low Energy



Easy Installation


Easy Maintenance

Low Cost air conditioning

Low cost

Compete Air Conditioning Unit

Packaged unit

Low Noise Air Conditioning Unit

Low noise

Space Saving Air Conditioning Unit

Space saving

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Low Carbon
Low Energy
Ultimate Comfort air conditioning
Exceptional Performance
Easy Installation
easy maintenance
Low Cost
Packaged Unit
Low Noise
Space Saving

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Market-leading energy performance

Artus was created to solve one of society’s most significant challenges – the amount of energy we consume.

With Artus, we have achieved ultra-low energy consumption using 89% less fan energy than fan coil systems.

Fan energy is measured as a specific fan power in watts per litre per second. to be just compliant with the building regulations, Part L, you need 0.30. A good standard fan coil unit is 0.25. The best we could find was 0.19. The seasonal average for Artus is 0.055.

System energy use with Artus is comparable to or lower than an active chilled beam system due to low SFP and no requirement for additional primary air.

Under the current BREEAM for refurbishment and fit-out, changing from a compliant FCU to Artus would give at least 3 BREEAM points. This change alone would reduce the annual regulated energy by 10%.

With Artus Optima, it is possible to achieve up to 7 BREEAM points. Artus Optima is a bespoke controls optimisation and reporting software designed to maximise energy savings in operation.

Future-proofing Artus prepares buildings for future Part L requirements.

Artus Optima combined with LED lighting will meet LETI net-zero target.

Capital expenditure savings

Operational Savings

There are considerable operational savings due to easy building management integration, installation, and more straightforward unit commissioning. Artus offers guaranteed compatibility of components saving time and cost at the point of installation.


Low maintenance costs are achieved due to all components’ high quality and durability.
Artus has been designed and built to last. The unit is also ‘self-access’, removing the need for destructive maintenance work or ceiling access.

Ultra-low energy costs

Artus achieves ultra-low energy use due to specific fan powers, which are 89% lower
than ducted FCUs. Therefore, significant energy cost savings are achieved throughout the lifetime of the Artus unit.