Artus for commercial settings

When it comes to fitting out new build or refurbished commercial office projects, Artus is an ideal solution.

It allows the ceiling scape to be less cluttered, giving more design freedom to architects, interior designers and MEP consultants.

The compact size enables increased floor to ceiling heights to be achieved and lack of secondary ductwork a more aesthetic result, while eliminating service coordination challenges during design.

For occupants, Artus offers draught-free comfort and less noise, and supports the achievement of WELL certification. Today’s workers are placing increasing importance on their employers’ green credentials; having Artus in the workplace can only enhance employee attraction and retention.

Artus’ energy efficiency reduces bills and enables impressive BREEAM, LEED, NABERS and EPC ratings, making buildings more attractive to tenants.

Fit out (Cat A and Cat B) is fast, flexible and cost-efficient, whether that’s for a retrofitting project or a new construction.

For new builds using Artus from the start, the reduced requirement for ceiling space makes possible the inclusion of an additional storey for every 12 floors built, without increasing the overall vertical height of the building.

air conditioning never felt so good

air conditioning never felt so good