to the future of

air conditioning

to the future of

air conditioning

We didn’t try to fix the old system;

we invented a better one.

Artus is a revolutionary heating and air conditioning product. A perfect solution for all applications including residential, commercial and high-precision environments. It is a fully-packaged unit offering significant advantages over fan coil and chilled beam systems.

Artus is a smarter, more compact solution, saving energy, carbon, time and space.

Artus. A bright new future.

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Pioneering  features include

Low Energy

Low Energy

Artus uses dramatically less energy than a fan coil system and as such the fan energy usage is reduced by


Low Carbon
Low Carbon

Artus achieves 3 additional BREEAM credits when compared to ducted fan coils which can be extended to 7 credits if Artus Optima is utilised.

Ultimate Comfort


Artus distributes air in all directions, providing complete coverage and excellent thermal comfort, with no draughts.

exceptional performance


 Artus supplies the same cooling load with dramatically lower energy consumption than alternative systems.

easy installation

Easy installation
& maintenance

Artus is delivered to site as a packaged easy to configure unit. It is ‘self-access’, with a hinged bottom face, giving easy access to all components.

future proof


Artus prepares buildings for future Part L requirements. Artus Optima achieves all of the energy reduction required for the UK GBC net zero target.

Ultimate Comfort


Artus offers significant capital savings against other systems, along with large operational savings due to low maintenance requirements and low energy use.

exceptional performance


Artus is a fully packaged ‘plug-and-play’ solution, which guarantees compatibility of components and predictable, precise control.

low noise


Artus can achieve
NR 25 proven by reliable and repeatable test data.

space saving


Artus is shallow and compact meaning easier coordination and cleaner soffits. It uses 90% less ceiling area and is 60% shallower than fan coils.

Take a look around an example layout for three different sizes of the Artus Multi Service Unit. Scroll around the image and gaze up to the ceiling to see what Artus looks like through a perforated surface – 5mm diameter holes, 49% open area, and a grey powder coat finish.

“The installation
of the Artus units at
10 Devonshire Square has
really enhanced the building.”

Ross Milner,
WeWork Head of Engineering
for UK & Ireland

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a bright new future

Download the Artus brochure

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Current vacancies at Artus are listed below. We are always keen to hear from talented and ambitious professionals. If you are interested in joining the Artus team, please get in touch.

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